11-Piece Maths Set

The SDS Maths Set comes with a variety of essential maths tools packed into a sturdy metal case. It is ideal for keeping handy at school or at home to measure angles, draw perfect circles and arcs, measure lines and more.

SDS - 11 Piece Math Set
[Item Code: 66-0408-00 | Ref. SDS-M 11]
  • This set contains 11 essential maths tools so you can stock up at once -

30, 45 & 160 degree set squares, Sharpener, Ruler, Eraser, Pencil, Time table, Protractor, Divider, Compass, Alphabetical & numerical stencil

  • The items come packed together in a sturdy metal case so you can easily keep them all together.
  • You can use the tools to complete a variety of measurements and technical drawings.

SDS - 11 Piece Math Set Pieces
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