Press Tabs

Press tabs are an office must-have if you need quick reference points within your documents so you can easily locate what you're looking for without wasting valuable time.

These clear, self-adhesive, 20cm index tabs can be cut into various lengths as per your requirements. Made from PVC for added strength.

Comes with 5 strips per pack in a choice of colours:

[Item Code: 30-8100-02 | Ref. PT-2]          Blue
[Item Code: 30-8100-03 | Ref. PT-3]          Red
[Item Code: 30-8100-04 | Ref. PT-4]          Green
[Item Code: 30-8100-05 | Ref. PT-5]          White
[Item Code: 30-8100-07 | Ref. PT-7]          Yellow
[Item Code: 30-8100-08 | Ref. PT-8]          Pink
[Item Code: 30-8100-30 | Ref. PT-30]       Assorted
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