Treasury Tags


Treasury tags are an ideal way of temporarily keeping papers and documents together. They consist of a short length of string with perpendicular metal pieces at either end for threading through punched documents.

Filing Laces Twisted

A loose binding for hole-punched paper, these string fasteners with metal tail tags are perfect for students, everyday large or small office and home use.

Colour of the string may vary.

Available in the following lengths:
[Item Code: 30-8055-00 | Ref. TCT-26]          26mm
[Item Code: 30-8056-00 | Ref. TCT-38]          38mm
[Item Code: 30-8057-00 | Ref. TCT-51]          51mm
[Item Code: 30-8058-00 | Ref. TCT-63]          63mm
[Item Code: 30-8059-00 | Ref. TCT-76]          76mm
[Item Code: 30-8060-00 | Ref. TCT-89]          89mm
[Item Code: 30-8061-00 | Ref. TCT-102]       102mm
[Item Code: 30-8062-00 | Ref. TCT-127]        127mm
[Item Code: 30-8063-00 | Ref. TCT-152]        152mm
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