Foldback Clips


For a clever and compact way to keep your sheets of paper together.

The handles on these clips fold flat for space saving filing and are made from high quality sprung steel.

Foldback clips 41mm
Available in the following widths:
[Item Code: 30-9005-01 | Ref. TCFB-15]          15mm
[Item Code: 30-9000-01 | Ref. TCFB-19]          19mm
[Item Code: 30-9001-01 | Ref. TCFB-25]          25mm
[Item Code: 30-9002-01 | Ref. TCFB-32]          32mm
[Item Code: 30-9003-01 | Ref. TCFB-41]          41mm
[Item Code: 30-9004-01 | Ref. TCFB-52]          51mm

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