Bulldog Clips


A bulldog clip is ideal for securing thick documents and large bundles of paper. It has a strong and durable construction which will hold your documents safely together.

Manufactured from durable steel.

Just squeeze the top to open and release to close.

A small hole has been integrated into the handles which makes hanging the clip on a wall much more convenient.


Available in the following widths:

[Item Code: 30-1101-00 | Ref. TCBD-22]          22mm
[Item Code: 30-1102-00 | Ref. TCBD-32]          32mm
[Item Code: 30-1103-00 | Ref. TCBD-40]          40mm
[Item Code: 30-1104-00 | Ref. TCBD-50]          50mm
[Item Code: 30-1105-00 | Ref. TCBD-63]          63mm
[Item Code: 30-1106-00 | Ref. TCBD-75]          75mm
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